What it means to me by Queen


Queen is a famous rock band that hailed way before I was born. I love their songs and it was a lucky steal for me when I found this top in a thrift store. Of course, it didn't start out this way. Since my hand get a bit itchy for crafts every now them, I turned this over-sized top into a muscle top. You just have to cut the sleeves~

The bonnet is actually another little DIY that I did a long time ago. Bought the bonnet for 50 pesos at a  Barter and tweaked it up. See the tutorial here!

I actually really liked this outfit. I felt a bit masculine having to go for a dark palette. A little rivia, it was hot that day, so I wore a sleeveless top for the reduced sweaty incidents. Nyaha. Then again, I wish that I actually had more colorful pieces in my closet. I wanna go all pastel and rainbows one day without looking all jeje and all that.

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