DIY Overcoat from Thrifted Top


YOSH! I'm back with another sewing project for you all. For this project, I decided to give new life to one of the tops that I bought in one of the ukay-ukays in Cebu. I love the construction of the sleeves as it gives off a really laid-back feeling. The polka-dots are textured, they look like they were knitted on or something, Kawaii~

Pair of scissors
Marker (Tailor's chalk, pencil, etc.)
Thread and needle,
or Sewing Machine

STEP 1 & 2:
             Lay down the article of clothing and mark the middle with a line. This is where you'll be cutting it up to turn it into an overcoat. Afterwards, get to dissecting!

To be honest, I didn't really use a marker for this project, the little polka dots made for really effective ones. I actually took off the textured polka dots that I cut through. I had a feeling that the sewing machine wouldn't fare well if I left them on the thing.

              Sew the seams. Unfortunately I couldn't photograph the sewing process. In any way, just fold an inch of the seam, pin it all the way, then sew. If you're going to hand sew the seams, then I suggest using the bold stitch. This will give the impression of a sewing machine. Want proof? Naah, I don't have any photos of it, nyaha.

               Onwards to the button! I originally planned on stitching buttons from the top to bottom of the coat, but when I showed my mom the coat before doing so, she suggested that I only place one at the top. Oh well, mothers know best, I guess.

              The button hole. This was my first time stitching around a button hole. I tried using the sewing machine, but due to my lack of skill and the cloth's woolly stubbornness, I had to hand stitch all the way around it. At least I know that it won't be that obvious.

Now I got myself a new overcoat! I've been expressing how much I need to equip myself with these babies since who knows when. The way it fits made me feel like an artist, in turn, I actually wore this thing up until I started typing away for this post. I guess you can call it momentary obsession.

I'm wearing my house clothes, if that's what you're
wondering. Nyaha.
My next project will have something to do with these sweater. I'm currently researching on what I can do with this top. Another overcoat? Sleeveless? Anything, though my biggest concern is the bias tape around all the holes. I'll find a way. 

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