Looking for an Internship


Good day!

It's that time of the school year where everything anything graduation-related takes over the minds and souls of students. I'm currently a junior student but, already, it's the second semester and I am in dire need of a good company to intern in.

I've e-mailed a bunch of companies on whether or not they accept interns or not next summer. I may have also e-mailed a few other companies my resume and cover letter to make sure. But unfortunately for me, none of those companies seem to be showing any interest.
Sooo, you're probably wondering why I'm posting about this. The reason behind that is that I'm really stressed about all this. I have classmates who just had their interview with ABS-CBN and will be going back for their internships this summer. Another classmate is going to be applying in another major station, GMA. Two of my classmates are confirmed to be staying in Zamboanga for their internships.

Now, I know what you're thinking, I have something against staying in Zamboanga city because... Zamboanga city. It's quite the opposite actually. I have a professor who opens internships for students for Yahoo! and various radio stations in the city. I'm aiming for that of course. But then again, the chance of having my internship in a place other than Zamboanga city is an opportunity in itself.

To whoever is reading this right now, I am desperately asking you: If you know any good media companies (print, television, radio, or advertising) that are accepting any interns for the incoming summer, then would you be so kind to tell me what that company is and what their requirements are? That would help me big time.

Bernadette O. Azcarraga
A struggling future intern

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