My Grandmother's Top


I bet you;re thinking about why this post is entitled like that. Well, perfect explanation, actually... because I am indeed wearing, my grandmother's top. She wore this for her birthday this year and I couldn't help but adore it. Not paying attention to the sleeves, it actually fit me very well. It's a sheer top, if I may add. I might just start going through her closet as well along with my mom's. Nyaha.

The buttons are at the back! 

I have actually worn these sneakers waaaay back in my previous posts. You may notice that there aren't any laces anymore. That's because I did a little DIY on them and made them into those Non-laces sneakers that I've been seeing quite often these days. Make yourself a pair with this tutorial!

The studded collar actually makes you wonder if this really does belong to my grandmother or not.

I've been noticing recently that, as my hair's growing longer, it tends to curl inward in a way that you'd think that I wake up early everyday just to curl it out. Nope! It's probably remnants from the perm that I had in high school. I actually just spend a good 10-20 minutes in front of an electric fan, with a comb in my hand, to get it to look like the way it is these days. I find it better that using a blow dryer somehow only because it uses no heat at all.

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