Pink Berry x Teen Squad Advertisement Shoot


Some people say that my height isn't so normal around Zamboanga. Last time I checked, I'm around 165 cm, around 5"5. I have this guilty feeling of wanting to grow even taller actually, I'm praying on it. Anyway, Pink Berry and Teen Squad is a Boutique around the city that I live in. They actually have pretty good stuff... every now and then. 

These two boutiques only have one owner, and she decided that it was about time to advertise her stuff. She talked with the photographer, Sefi Curada, to conceptualize and came up with something that I immediately fell in love with.

South Korea is probably one of the leading countries when it comes to fashion. They have made a lot of progress in the field and continue to do even more. All this made for a great concept. I was recommended to become the model of the shoot since people go around saying that I have Korean-esque features. Bada-been, bada-boom! Here's the post!

The first look that they made me wear was oh-so Kpop. The sequined cap and the holed-up tunic, worn with a bikini top underneath and gold-accented skirt made my feels go all: squuuuueeeeeeee. I know that I never fail to mention how much I love that genre, and through the shoot, I actually got to experience becoming my very own celebrity.

The second look is definitely my favorite. The fact that I wore my military boots had nothing to do with it. I had thought about how itchy the sweater could have been underneath but no, it was as soft as a feather. Well, without being ticklish. The skirt was a bit too big for my waist that time, but then there came clothes pins to the rescue! On a side note, the bunny headband really completed the look. 

My favorite shot. <3

The third look had me sport a see-through back. Of course, due to professional reasons the photographer decided not to shoot from that angle. I was actually looking forward to seeing other shots of this outfit. Alas, the crew decided on using it as a cover photo to the Facebook album.

The fourth look made me wear my favorite piece, the sweater. I've grown quite fond of the cozy article of clothing, and I plan on expanding my collection. The sweater was a result of knitting. The sleeves had strategic holes on them and was light weight. It felt really great to wear. To top it all off, they styled me with an adorable pencil skirt and my very own combat boots. Oh, and straw-like fedora hat.

The fifth and last look was a dress. I thought it was two separate pieces, but actually it wasn't. They styled it with a shawl-like thing that could have doubled as a bolero. It was a mix of textures. The dress' texture would remind someone of how seaweed would float from being stuck on rocks. The way they sway and all that. The shawl, yep, it's knitted wool. Don't you just love the texture mixing?

So that's that! I actually have to admit that I was quite lost during the whole shoot. Being my first time and all, I had to rely so much on the photographer. He directed me way well but I felt bad since he also wanted to see more from me. Oh well, c'est la vie. 

Nonetheless, this was quite an extravagant experience for me. I hope to make this a regular thing though, haw haw, yeah right. 

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  1. You say it was your first time, but I think you did a great job. It's as if you didn't need to exert much effort to pose and look good at the same time. :)