Fedora x Infinity Scarf


Today was a hot day, no kidding. But I had the guts to go around the campus in a scarf like a sick person. I mean, come on, it was an infinity scarf... that I bought for ten pesos. Nyaha. 

Didn't exactly go out with my fedora. It was that hot! I came back into the house to put the camera and tripod back to where they're placed a bit sweaty. It isn't exactly the best way you'd want to start a day, or anything else, for that matter.

Something must be wrong with my Photoshop program. I had meant to have an action here but it didn't seem to process well in some photos. Oh well, c'est la vie.

The Photoshop action actually gave me the impression of an old photo from one of the albums that my grandmother has kept throughout the years. Moving on, tomorrow will be the last outfit post of the week for me. When classes finally start for me, I plan on going back to the usual one post per week practice. I mean, come on, fove majors isn't exactly the happiest thing in the world for a college student.

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