Kpop Dark Days (Flush of thoughts)


I wake up one morning and head to he computer. I have this set list of websites that I visit every time I do so, the top three being: Facebook, Fanfiction, and Allkpop. Checking for updates seemed like the same old, same old routine that I have grown accustomed to. Of course, that was until I went to Allkpop.

Note: I won't be providing any photos. Y'all can just Google them. Nyaha.

I'll be arranging these bits of news by order of impact. To me, that is.
The news that gave me the least impact was that of Super Junior's twitter account being hacked. Why did it not surprise me? Probably for the reason that It's something always bound to happen when you've reached a height in fame, and Super Junior is no exception. I just think of it as something cliche, you know? There will be posers, there will be harassers, that all comes with the life of a celebrity. 

Don't bash me, this is a place of freedom of expression, okay?

The one that gave me even more impact would be the news of how an airport security guard pushed SNSD's Jessica to unconsciousness. Wow. Kudos to the security guard for taking his job seriously. However, I feel bad for him because he's going to be bashed so hard by all these SONEs. He might go through a trial, he might even offer to pay for Jessica's hospital bills. 

Naah. he looked way too full of himself when he was posing in front of the cameras. He must have been thinking of his pride at that time. "Keep it together man, you were only trying to keep thing in line," or, "Must stay calm. I mean how bad is it that I made a girl go unconscious, it's not like she's a celebrity and all... Right?"

Suuuuure... Just keep thinking happy thoughts man.

The new theme that the site took upon had their best recent news on it. I Lo and behold, the one that took the biggest spot was about Ailee, one of my biggest Kpop girl crushes, ever, having leaked nude photos of herself on the internet.

What. The. Fudge.

I have loved this girl ever since I watched a video of her singing Beyonce's Halo, and she hasn't even debuted that time. This awesome woman's reputation is being tested by her low-life ex-boyfriend. Why am I surprised? Ex-boyfie, being the vice-president of Allkpop, must have pulled all the shots. I mean... I really don't know what to say about all of this. 

Her agency even mentions that those photos were sent to a scam modelling agency when she was around 19. *Claps slowly, bravo. Just... bravo. I can't believe that YMC Entertainment looks like they're defending Allkpop. I mean, one of their biggest money-makers is in the verge of and they just accuse it all on something that has probably never happened.

I might just end up posting a video on my Youtube account about all this to get all this pent-up negative energy out of my system.

What's worse? Former T-Ara and T-Ara N4 member, Ahreum, has been really distant lately. Her posts in various SNS have been showing way too many dark content. Her latest Instagram video had her talking. To someone. That viewers could not see. The idea makes a chill run down my spine. She's even got photos of herself looking not so nice. 


Okay. I guess that's enough for now. I'll be watching Running Man now. EXO's in it.

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