DIY No-lace Sneakers


I've been seeing quite a number of people going around in sneakers that don't need any more shoelaces. I grew interested in them but not to the point of wanting to buy a pair for myself. So instead, I made two pairs from shoes that I already have. I'm a big fan of versatility, and DIYs, so the finished product had me be able to use the shoes with or without shoelaces.

One-meter of Garter, 1 1/2 width
Pair of Scissors
Needle, Pins (Optional)
Thread (Same color as shoe or at least unnoticeable)
Step 1:
            Measure the garter. You can do this by laying the garter down on the shoe, around where the laces are found. You may either go with the same length of where the laces meet, or shorter. In any way, the garter will stretch no matter what. After measuring, cut the garter with a pair of scissors.

Step 2:
            The flap under the laces? Place it below the garter. You don't have to worry about not being to put it back because a small opening will be left. Afterwards, pin the garter in place and start sewing! 

NOTE: Make sure that you stitch around where the sneaker also has stitches. This will make it more invisible.

You should have seen me while I was sewing the garters in. My arms were all contorted and I was afraid that I could have hot someone if I weren't looking. Nyaha.

Step 3:
            I'm pretty sure you'll notice that the flap will poke out every once in a while. Solution? Stitch around the ends of the flap to secure it with where the laces are found. Make sure to stitch at one place for a number of times. 

Stitch around here the needle is pointing.
YOSH! That is it! Ain't that simple? Better than spending hundreds of pesos on buying a new pair, right? And like I've said before, you can wear it with or without laces! Ain't that something?

PS: I'm sure you've noticed how dirty my shoes are. I'm working on them, don't worry. Nyaha.

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    1. Thank you! I made this post way back and it's inspiring to know that people still find this.