DIY Muscle Top


I'm blogging even while I'm sick to the bones. Well, not literally, but you may get what I mean. It started off with a dry throat yesterday and ended up with me being absent for my 7:30 am class. Even worse? Exam papers were returned and I'm Pretty sure that I didn't do that well with that subject. Oh well, c'est la vie.

This really is a DIY top that I made from one the ginormous tops that I bought in my first Ukay-ukay spree. It was actually more of a dress when I repaired it the first time. Then a bleach spot got in the way so I just went back to repairing the thing into its current glorious state.

I'm very sorry for the horrid background. I couldn't get the setting that I wanted outside, since it was around night time already, and well, I was sick. It was also really warm during this time. I could eel the sickness going away, but I felt light-headed during this shoot as well.

The Crown <3
I just love the idea of up-cycling clothes. It makes me think of other ways to make pieces more durable and wearable. There are actually tons of tutorials online that have helped me in making better pieces. Other times though, I just leave my mind to do all the work for me and have a pair of scissors in my hand to get with the cutting. Best part? It's totally free and you can style it in any way that you want.

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  1. You have to show the before and after photo! And yung mas malapitan. I can't appreciate it kasi pag malayuan hehe. You're good at DIY's! Keep it up! :)

    1. I'll keep that in mind next time. :3 Thank you! :D