KPOP Songs that would make Great Anime OSTs


Since I didn't have any classes last Friday, I decided to update my blog with a different kind of post. I'm sure that all of you are pretty aware of my growing obsession enthusiasm over Anime and Kpop. So one day, while listening to a random playlist that consists of Anime OSTs, I came across one Kpop song that actually seemed to fit in with the bunch. Call me crazy, but I actually started visualizing what type of anime would fit in with the concept. 

I've only been able to think of four songs that are well-suited to the idea of becoming  OSTs. So now, I give you my list of Kpop songs that would make for a great Anime Opening/Ending OST. I won't be giving sample Animes because I feel that they might destroy the creativity that you're coming up with. So, let's start with:

1. B2st's Shadow

Just a little trivia, the song I was mentioning in the beginning? It was this lucky one! Now why do I think that this would make a great Opening? For one thing, it's got a killer introduction. The idea of the music in Anime is that it has to be played with. As in, the animations have to really have a cohesive factor with the music.

This song would do great for a dark-themed anime, or even one with just a serious setting. I picture that the beginning will have a male cast standing by each other. Faces all down and looking depressed. Then gradually they're running and running, and will end up facing each other, and BOOM!

2.) FT Island's Wanna Go

First of all, this song is really the get-happy type. You can't help but actually smile listening to this because of the positiveness that simply oozes out of it. An animator would love to play with a song like this especially with it's chorus's first line being "I can see the world".

Ho would I play with this song? Once more, I imagine a male cast. Perhaps another sports-centered anime? One that has them chasing their dream and achieving it with the help of their peers. I can picture out that the intro may have some people flying into the sky after having looked in the "camera". Then a bunch of motion shot with a hint of different perspectives and all that!

3. Brown Eyed Girls' Recipe

This is actually a really sexy song. Read the translation of it and you'll know where I'm getting at. No, the fact that it's sexy did not make me imagine "those" scenes. I just felt that it would make for a really great ending theme.

I've been watching a good fair share of certain animes and I can say that I picture the scenes of this song to be all "hard-to-get" and junk. Maybe the girl is a tsundere? Yeah, that about sums it all up. And last but not the least:

4. Trax's Heavens

Okay, so this song is already, basically, an OST in itself since it was used for a drama. But anyway, I had come to choose this because of how it sounds and translates to. It reminded me of Fairy Tail OSTs for some strange reason. I mean, the song revolves around destiny and how we should endure all the obstacles and all that.

I picture the beginning to be a lot like, yep, Fairy Tail openings. A bunch of the guild members looking into the eyes of the enemy and charging into it/them. The whole scenario gives me chills. Squeeeeeeee~

So there you have it! The partial list of my choice Kpop songs to become Anime OSTs. The Otaku in me just couldn't help but blog about this, and the Kpop fanatic that I am just had no choice but to actually blog about this. :)

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