Bending the Rules of the Military


I think it's getting rather tiring to read my posts that mainly consist of how the weather is like over here. Then again, I have to add that today's condition was rather pleasant. It wasn't too hot or too cold. The sunlight was rather balanced and desirable. 

I really have to say that I have never been more in love with a pair of shoes than I am with these boots. I got them for only 300 pesos in the thrift store close to where I''m living. The hot walk was worth it since these babies had fit me perfectly and was something that I've been dying to have since I've laid my eyes on the whole combat boots trend.

Apparently I've been getting a lot of comments that refer to my very close resemblance to my younger sister. I can say that I really do look like her in this photo. Though people keep saying so, we just can't bring ourselves to see what they're seeing in our faces.

To be honest, I was at a fast break during this shoot. It was around 6:40 am when I went down my stairs and I still had to head back upstairs to return the tripod and recall if I had forgotten any more stuff before I leave for school. Oh, did I already mention that I have a 7:30 am class during Fridays? Yeah, not exactly my best fridays.

You should've seen my face in this photo. XD
My midterm exams week is on its way and I think that I pretty much need to be reading right now. As cliche as it may seem, time really flies fast when you have a to-do list in mind. One thing that's a part of my list is then that I have to blog at least once a week. Well then, 'til the next post~

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  1. Love your boots! Became your fan on lookbook and hyped your look! <3

  2. Cool boots and hooray for its price! :) Nice top too and goodluck on your midterm exams. :)

    1. Thank you very much! :) Yeah, I'm praying that I do well. :3

  3. yup you were right military rules always bend

    1. At least for the better. Thanks for commenting! :)