Centennial Coffee Table Book Launch


Note: Photos belong to their respective owners. :)

The title basically says it all. I was lucky enough to become one of the core models to Ateneo de Zamboanga University's Centennial Coffee Table Book. It's got a bunch of photos that range from when the campus had been a vessel for protection during the war, and a means of joy to the people who now seek its solace.  

I was actually not around for one of the shoots. Nevertheless, it felt good to see how great the photos came out. The cool part is that we are actually already part of the school's history! That's something that I didn't exactly expect until I received the text message saying that I was chosen to be a part of this project. :)

"Bernadette O. Azcarraga" ;) 

That satchel is actually starting to chip off. I blame my lack of knowledge about it because I had no idea what mothballs could do to leather. I patched it up with nail polish of the same color. It worked for a while until it started to chip off again. Note to self: apply extra coat of nail polish with additional clear coating.

I'm at the back.  
I'm around the left side.
Of course, the celebration is not to be ignored. I wasn't able to bring along my Canon DSLR 1100D because of specific reasons. I ended up grabbing photos from the friends whom I was with during the shoot and the event.

Photobomb level: Hungry Ate April :D
Our best "amazed" faces. :D
The man behind the photos, Sir Igy Castrillo! :)
The one in white at my  right was this year's Top 10 at the
Nursing Licensure Exams! :D

No celebration is complete without the grub. :9
I dare say that, once more, it's great to be a part of history. I was able to meet great people and work with a really cool photographer. They say that the net Coffee table book will be for ADZU's 150 years, I guess I'll be around 69 by then. Omona, that's such a wrong number.

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