Divas + New York Lights


It's that time of the year where our department gets together and enjoy the night. Yep, Comm Gathering. Unfortunately, more problems occurred than fun moments. Nevertheless, we all found a way to smile in the end. I iz a happy Berna. :3

I am very lucky to have a mother and sister who share the same taste in clothes. Well, not all the time. I actually borrowed the top from my elder sister and the pants are from way back when during my mother's teen years. I'm glad that she kept it after all these years. And they fit me perfectly! The jacket, however, was bought from Ukay-ukay. Before I repaired it, it went past my knees. Since the sewing machine wasn't able to work on it, because the cloth was too thick, I had to hand sew everything to custom fit me. ;-;

My batch's performance. 
Photo session. XD
Without the jacket.

Going back to the jacket, here's a photo of how it looked before I repaired it:

Big, right? That's an understatement in this case. It took me five days to finish repairing this jacket. But since I only worked on it during the noon of those days, around 25 hours? Yeah, that's about how long I worked on it. Anyway, 'til the next blog post~

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  1. Gorgeous, as usual. :-) On another note, it's nice to know everyone had fun in the Comm gathering. Kinda miss being in school sometimes.

  2. Nice inspiration for your gathering dear! It spells retro all over, just sweet! Inviting you to join my paperback giveaway here: http://t.co/tLOMUVblFG