Lost Little Girl + Muscle top and Underskirt project


It feels a bit unsettling that I'm blogging about on a thursday night. Then again, I went with my grandmother to  a small party and just couldn't miss out on the chance to dress myself up. Also, before the event, I finally brought myself to sew up a new underskirt for one of the dresses that me and my elder sister bought together. As in, we split the price in half for each other for a more practical price.

I had thought about using my Chambray top instead, but as much as I love that piece, I couldn't help but ignore this baby. I love how it added an extra masculine twist to this down-to-earth, girly look. I also would've worn a few arm candy, but alas, time consumed me for the better.

I didn't just FEEL lost, I really WAS lost. IT's actually been the type of person I've been lately. Then again, I guess it's because of my selective attention. Meaning, I choose what to pay attention to. It's not that useful of a skill.

Now onward to the sewing projects. Well, not much actually. I just noticed that one of the first shirts that I bought in my first trip to the Ukay-ukay had a bleached spot.  I didn't like it, so I went about with the scissors and turned it into a muscle tee. It's easy, to be honest.  You just have to cut where the seams of the sleeves start. You can even leave one or two inches and roll it up, then sew the top. Easy.

Of course, the underskirt is a different story. Since the one attached to the dress kept hiking up, my elder sister bought some cloth and asked me to make a separate one. It wasn't that hard. Just had to measure the waist of the dress, then the skirt, then I headed to the sewing machine, and the result was that of the pitures before the "sewing project" part of this post.

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