I've been through Hell and back + Reel Colors Production


Hell week, that is. Midterms is finally over for people around here, so I decided to blog about how the week's been.

STRESSFUL may be the only word that I can think of. Well, that, and PROCRASTINATION. I can't be the only who grew lazy over reading various handouts and going through colorful slideshows. And I most certainly can't help but mention how filming a music video is more than what hell week has been like altogether. 

One of our midterms, however, was a music video. Excited much? Nyaha, veeeeeery much, actually. We had to go from place to place and shoot various scenes and angles and all that junk. Everything was fun especially with the presence of RJ Go. Although the atmosphere was serious and uptight, there was never a dull moment during the whole process.

I was given quite a number of tasks. Namely: Editor, Storyboard Artist, Production Manager, Wardrobe Stylist and Cinematographer. After much contemplation, the song that me and my group, Reel Colors Production, chose would be this one:

It's a beautiful composition, if I may add. The song revolves around two people hiding their true feeling FOR each other, FROM each other. We basically just had two talents. The whole video had mainly focused on their development and all that. I'll be sure to embed it in my next post.

Then we go to the whole process of filming and editing. We filmed in three spots: my house, RJ's terrace, and Zamboanga Memorial Graden, which is in fact, something that you wouldn't expect of a cemetery. Everything went smoothly on the first filming day. We were off to a good start, the weather was cooperating with us, and our actors were great. Unfortunately, the heat helped in tiring us out, we grew cranky altogether,  and the batteries of our two cameras had died out on us. Yeah, pressure was written all over that situation.

Buuuuuut, there was still our second shooting day. The weather, once again, was in favor of us, though, time wasn't. It was around 7:15 pm when we left the Memorial Garden, scary right? Afterwards, we went on with editing our four minute and two seconds video, as well as another one for our "the behind scenes" (term courtesy of RJ) video. 

Satisfied? Yep. Relieved? Yes. Amazed? Absolutely. We were, by far, very proud of our output. Not only that, when we showed it to our adviser to be deliberated and to get more tips, he told us that it was indeed well-turned out. No matter how many times my group watched it, we would always go "aaaaaaaaawww" whenever specific scenes would come out. 

It was indeed a team effort.

Oh yeah, wondering how we chose Reel Colors Production as our group production name? Well, it started off with, well, our names. Since we had to familiarize ourselves with film and stuff, we learned about the RGB color model. The group consisted of me, Berna, RJ, Regine, and Myra. Of course, Myra did not approve of it because her initial wasn't included. Then she said something about colors, then we remembered that this was an editing class, then something about spelling, then we had REEL COLORS PRODUCTION! 

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