today was a-ma-zing. :))  really, the whole thing is still sinking in for me. XD  some representatives from a really cool social news network, Rappler, came to Zamboanga City to talk about what we can do for our community via social networking sites, or better yet said as, TECHNOLOGY. :D

so the event started off, in the morning, with opening remarks from Father Tony, the school's president. :3
that's his back. =))
what followed were speeches and stuff from a Political Science professor from WMSU. :)  i don't has pictures of him though. = ="  but i do have a photo of the speaker after him, a resident Communications department faculty, ma'am Yenny. :D

later in the afternoon, it was the Rappler representatives' turn to speak. :D  and they were super great! :3

i think it was a really big bonus to have the CEO herself, Maria Ressa, come to the event.  such a huge honor.  she talked a lot about Rappler, and the many ways technology has influenced the sharing of news. XD

if she were a teacher then i'd really want
to get a 4.0 =))

Maria Ressa explaining the trends. :3

the next speaker was also very fun. :D  his name is Michael Josh Villanueva. :3  according to the site, he's stationed at the Special Projects. :p  a funny experience with him, actually. XD  he needed to take pictures of someone who wasn't wearing black at the time, and apparently, i was the only one around. =))  so he took pictures of me with a smile, looking intently at a laptop screen, and... sad. ._.  let's not go there. XD

jjang! =))

a sad Berna. =))
to be honest, there were two more speakers from Rappler, unfortunately, i didn't have my camera with me at the time and i didn't want people to be disturbed by me moving around in front of them. @@  i'll be back with a PART 2. :D  don't worry. ;3

disclaimer: to be honest, everything's short for everyone because i just couldn't use words to explain how i felt for what's happened. =))  i've been rolling around the floor with my Rappler shirt on by the time i got home. =))

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