Open Ended: What'll happen in Fairy Tail? [Warning: May contain spoilers for future chapters]


okay, so a lot of other fans may also be wondering... WHO DID JELLAL SEE UNDER THE HOOD? @@  don't get me wrong the thought has been killing me inside ever since i finished the chapter. > <"  and to put the fans into even more suspense, we won't be finding out until another 2 chapters, which are fillers, will be released. D:  so to pass the time, i decided to try to guess who that person under the hood is by careful analysis (and a few threads and forums). :) 

i took the liberty of really digging deep into the previous chapters as well, that way i could gain some good evidences. so these were my guesses:

a.) Layla Heartfilia

                 yeah, i know.  she's been dead since Lucy was still, like, 5 or 8 years old?  but nonetheless, i can't shake of the fact that she died waaaay too early.  i mean, come on?  29 years old? > <"  i don't think an illness is an excuse to die at suck a young age.  the woman's freakin' rich  for crying out loud! >:D<  and also, i bet she had an even bigger "task" to accomplish.  that's why she let go of her celestial spirits! D:  she didn't want them to get involved with what she was going to do because she cares for them! ;-;  she loves them enough to know that they are being kept safe from her.

another piece of information for you guys, some people say that it's Lucy who's under the hood.  but actually, since they look so much alike, Jellal could have mistaken Layla for Lucy.

next, we have:

b.) Ur 

              ...and we have yet another dead individual.  i didn't know what came over me when i thought of this, but when i did, it still sort of made sense. :P  the reason why i thought it would be her is probably because of what happened when Lyon reversed the Iced Shell Moon Drip spell in order for him to free Deliora.  could it be that he was also able to revive Ur in the process of him reversing the spell? Oo  we're gonna have to find out.

okay, with those two already mentioned, i forgot one piece of information in determining who that person could be, JELLAL IS ACQUAINTED WITH HER.  after seeing Jellal's face in the last panel, that had to be it.  why else would the guy be super shocked?  to this, i have to agree with various peoples' answer, this being: *drum roll


           how far-fetched can things get eh?  now, now, don't start screaming over how absurd this is.  hear me out with this matter okay? :))  so here's what i thought: 

a.)  you can't not have almost all the zodiac keys without having a price to pay for it.  there are rules people!  it's a game of karma in this world and anime is of no exception. @@

b.) the thing about the Eclipse plan.  besides having to obtain 10 Zodiac keys, she might also have an even bigger purpose to fulfill. >:3

c.) chapter 296?  the panel of a crying individual?  although some say that it could be Zeref (which is totally reasonable), or even Edo-Zeref (who i can't seem to agree with since Jellal has NEVER been to Edolas), i think that it could be Lucy.  and to shake things up a bit, it could be her FUTURE self. @@  yep, Mashima's really loving the trolling game this time.  perhaps with this type of scenario, we can possibly admit that this future Lucy is trying to stop something from happening.  my guess, the Eclipse plan.

d.) the part wherein Levy is writing a letter to her.  this may mean that this might be taking place in the future.  and notice the panel where it says "... who I loved, as well as..."?  it could mean that Lucy, in this part after stopping something from happening, is already dead. ;-;  along with other members of Fairy Tail. T~T  according to something that i've read while thinking of what to type for this entry, this could mean that Levy is trying to finish the book that Lucy was not able to conclude. :(

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT EVERYONE!  this has got to be the longest post i've made by far.  so, let's make it even longer! XD

i couldn't shake the fact that Sabertooth held no reaction to the loss of Sting and Rogue.  it felt like they were expecting that such thing would happen. > <"  could it also mean that the two of them are the weakest of the five strongest?  and what's the deal with their master?  everyone ran away with him and he did nothing!  i was expecting to see a bunch of things fly around from the bleachers.  or even the members of Sabertooth falling to their knees while awaiting their punishment.  could it be that he/they expected such a thing to happen to their guild?  could they have been prepared for the thought of becoming the No. 2 guild in Fiore?

and that's the end everyone!   woohoo! XD 

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thanks also to the many threads and forums that i visited. :)

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