one day not so long ago, our technician recommended something for me to watch. :))  it was anime, but not like any other anime. XD  it was suuuuuuuuuper RANDOM! XD   the whole "specials" thing was really doing good for it. =))

"Carnival Phantasm" is a spinoff version of all things Type Moon. :)  this is the team behind the sheer genius of Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Fate/Prototype, and Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. :D  how can these people be that awesome.  although that's the only reason why i loved the 13-minute spinoff episodes. :p  i wasn't that familiar with the other anime the this was also toying with, but heck, they seemed like cool characters. XD

don't ask me about the cats. =))
i have to say, EVERYTHING seemed wrong with the characters and story. XDDD  Lancer dying in multiple ways, the Holy Grail War being a race and game show, Bersercker winning the war without him knowing, Shirou dating all heroines at once...and my favorite, Caster, under the hood, actually being a little girl who a crazy obsessed Otaku and Saber fan who just wants to be accepted as a "woman". XDDD  TROLLING LEVEL: TYPE MOON
i especially liked the last episode. =))  it had all of the Type Moon characters INCLUDING those from FATE/ZERO!  ISKANDAR BABY! >:D<

now about the part that i'm looking forward to...

after I finished watching all episodes of Carnival Phantasm, i went to work with research and looking at fanart. =))  OTAKU MODE: ON!  while doing so, i came across an article about Fate/Apocrypha. :)
based from its wiki page: Fate/Apocrypha is a light novel written by Yuichiro Higashide with illustrations by Ototsugu Konoe. Full novel will be released sometime in the winter 2012. :3    and instead of the usual 7 masters and servants, there are going to be 14 servants fighting on 2 different sides! :DD  they have a distinction of red and black. XD  yeeee, so excited! :D   i know i may be unupdated, but heck, i hope the english version gets released really soon after that! :D

bonus info, one of the characters include Joan of Arc. :)  she made a cameo in Fate/Zero when Caster mistook her for Saber. XD

i noticed that almost every one of the Fate installments had Gilgamesh in them. :3  yiiiiiiiiie!  i love him to death, and i'm going to splurge by having a photo dump right now! XD >:D< >:3
this is from Fate/Prototype. X3

the next are from Fate Zero/Zero. XD

EYEGASM!!!! +.+

now for Fate/Stay Night
hur hur hur. XD

that will be all. =))  PS, does anyone have a copy of Fate/Hollow Atraxia? XD

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  1. How I wish I still had time to watch anime. I personally enjoyed Fate/Stay Night. (Actually, it's the only anime by Type Moon that I watched) I tried going through the visual novel, but I didn't finish it. This spin-off series seems interesting though. :D

  2. it really is ate jemm. :3 awww, that's too bad. :( but anyway, anime never rests. =)) there'll be plenty of time in the future i guess. anyway, if you still can't watch, i hope you'll add this to your list of what to watch in the future. :D XD :3