what are Aztecs?  

well, they're basically those patterns that remind you of ethnicity and/or tribal stuff.  and sometimes even a bit of Egyptian. XD  they're a mix of lines and little shapes that can mixed into various colors.  personally, i think these patterns look their best when it's got a bold ORANGE color. :3

how to wear them?

since Aztec pieces have a lot going on with them, it's a good idea to wear something plain with it.  or, if you'd really want to wear a cute looking top with an Aztec piece, then choose something that isn't too overwhelming, otherwise you'll end up looking jeje (and we don't want that). XP 

TIP!  if you want to pair the piece with another type of color (or the like), choose one that is of the same color of which is found on the Aztec piece. :)

for more inspiration, here are some looks that i put together with a website called Polyvore (which is a very fun way to mix & match outfits :D ). :)  i just hope that they haven't been done yet. @@  if that is so, THEN I AM VERY SORRY! ;-;

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