SATISFACTION [warning: contains Young Justice: Invasion spoilers]


it's been a really long time since one of my favorite shows, Young Justice: Invasion, had updated itself with a new episode. :)  honestly speaking, it's actually been around 3 months since the previous one was released, and ended with a, who would've guessed, cliffhanger. @@

just a short recap before i head to what happened in the previous episode, Depths.  in this episode, we see that Kaldur'Ahm is plotting something BIG in order for him to show his loyalty to his father, Black Manta

"you have done well, my son"
but that's only half of it.  Artemis joins The Team once more because Nightwing asked her to do a mission with him. spaz mode!  we see a little Spitfire action going around this episode. ;3

"what could go wrong?"
during a press conference about the whole alien invasion thing, M'gaan and Superboy pose as Superman and Martian Manhunter as they explain to the community that the whole thing will be taken care of.  after this part, fans will finally know why M'gaan and Conner broke up.  to which was actually miss Martian's fault. :p

"i hate monkey suits"
"i thought you loved me enough to change"
later in the episode, a sort of epic battle takes place between Manta-men and The Team.  Lagoon Boy, who is M'gann's current beau, gets captured.  that's his fault by the way.  the dude's freakin' full of himself and even pretended to go static in the midst of a telepathic link. =))  Kaldur'Ahm steps in to take care of "business" and ended up "killing" Artemis.  all that for his daddy.  

"she's gone"
in the end, Artemis doesn't die, and Kaldur is still the ever-humble Atlantian that we all know and love.  the whole thing was actually a plan to get to know who The Light's new Partner is. :3

that necklace is called a Glamour charm
only those who know who she really is can actually see her. :3
now onto SATISFACTION.  most of this episode comprised of moments of mourning, especially for the "dead" Artemis.  in Mount Justice, Superboy and Duncan talk to each other about getting revenge for Artemis, to which, when they turn to Nightwing, the dude suddenly disappears.  no surprise there.  

another thing that happened that involved the mourning was while the female members of The Team were having Rocket's bridal shower. =))  i don't know who the groom is though, and it's killing me. XD  some criminal with a freeze ray had the nerve to try to steal from a bank nearby the place they were celebrating in.  the dude's butt got whipped. XD

from left to right: Zatanna, Miss Martian, Wonder girl, Rocket,
BumblebeeBatgirl, Black Canary
moving on, Wally and Artemis' mother visit her supposed "grave".  people can pretty much see that Wally did his best to conceal the truth from Paula becuase it would make her hate him.  by a distance, Sportsmaster (her dad) and Jade (her sister) are then seen conversing with each other and saying that they want to take revenge for her death.  this plan isn't exactly going too well.

"Aqualad is mine"
the other plot, then, is how Speedy Arsenal tries to take revenge on the dude who his arm and 8 years of his life, Lex Luthor.  Green Arrow and Red Arrow try to stop him, but they didn't really have to do so.  in the end Arsenal didn't kill Luthor, instead, he recieved a new prosthetic/bionic arm capable of being a weapon in itself.  sorry guys, no screenies/phots for this one. ;-;

for a more minor plot, during the last five years of Conner and M'Gann being together, she had always been able to throw surprise parties for him.  only this year, they aren't together anymore and only one person had greeted him.  i don't know her name but she resemble M'Gann a lot except she has black hair. :))  no pics on this one. XD

in another plot, we see the male members of The Team mourning for their deceased members.  Impulse appears in this episode for a short moment and aimed himself at comforting Jaime because he is sad about the fact that he wasn't not able to meet the person who could've been his mentor if he hadn't died so soon.

i guess that'll be all. XD  to end this post, let me spoil you people on Artemis' new look. =))

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