it's been a while. =))

moving on! XD  i've noticed that on 9gag, people get various hits when they post something that involves childhood and all that. :))  of course, i knew that waaaaaaaaaaaaay before pa talaga. =))  anyway, i decided to relive my own childhood. :D  i did so by watching old opening themes, listening to some songs, and most especially, watching their movies! XD  here's a list of what i've re-lived so far:

The Wild Thornberrys
yes, you've read it right. :)  it's about a young girl who has nature enthusiasts for parents, a teenager of an older sister, a jungle boy for a brother, and a chimpanzee for a best friend. XD  

i recently watched the movie and i couldn't help but reminisce on its episodes.  my favorite has got to be when they found out about Donnie's real family and what happened to them in Borneo. :)

please, don't get me started on the whole Rugrat's theory bit. @@  just let me enjoy how these babies were talking with very bad wordings and grammar and that when they turned into teenagers their clothes were just the same thing only with a more mature twist. XD

watched All Growed Up recently as well. XD  even sang to that Emica song at the end and re-visited the old episodes when it was around a part where they played its spiels. ;_;

Shaman King

i wasn't that much of an Otaku when this started showing in Cartoon Network.  i didn't even know what a Manga was at the time, call me un-updated. @@  anyway, i reeeeeeeeeeeeally loved this anime. > <"  still do by the way! :D

as of now, the manga is busy continuing the story in the form of Yoh and Anna's son, Hana.  the manga is called Shaman King Flowers. :3

last but not the least, POWER RANGERS!

from those Mighty Morphin rangers to the last great saga, SPD.  i love d them all and was even able to watch the Mighty Morphin movie. =))

my favorite has to be Ninja Storm. :))  i loved how it showed separate lives of the three rangers and even got them to indulge in their own activities. XD

that will be all i guess. XD  PS: if you're wondering about how i thought of the post title, then it's because i was listening to TVXQ's latest single. =))  check out the video here! :3

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