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after reading a blog by one of my upper-class men, i just couldn't let the chance of giving out help to those who need it.

these days, we notice more and more children being around the streets asking for money and/or food from passers-by.  why are they on the streets?  could it be that they were abandoned?  did their parents die for some strange reason?  or did they run away?  there are even some instances wherein the parents tell them to beg from civilians.  nevertheless, having to see them in dirty attire and tear-stained faces is no excuse for them to not be given a better life to live.

luckily for every street child, there is hope.  and one of them includes the non-government organization called Akay Kalinga. 

Akay Kalinga has been around since 1998 helping to bring smiles unto the faces of many street children.  it's an alternative home for them, since it serves as 24-hour shelter for them after the hustle and bustle they've been through while being in the streets.   up 'til now, the center has served around 45 children DAILY with ages starting from 7 to 18 years old.  

through Akay Kalinga, the children are also being educated.  that is, if any of them show any interest to it.  the older ones are also being trained with vocational skills.

it would really mean a lot if you could show your support for this organization.  please like their Facebook page and Twitter.  oh, and feel free to give donations; be it in the form of items or cash (PM me at or to get the account stuff [Paypal]).  also, don't be afraid to stop by the shelter if you have the time.  it would mean a lot to the staff and children.

here are a few other details:
  • Email:
  • Telephone: (062) 990-1854
  • Address: 76 Varela Street, Zone 1, Zamboanga City, Philippines

thanks so much for giving the time to read this post!

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