last September 27, 2012, the Ateneo's School of Liberal Arts celebrated its 60 years of being a part of the university.  just a side note, it happens to be the oldest department in the whole college. :3

the whole thing was a blast.  apart from being a minor part of the production crew, i had the chance to walk on a very real, but not entirely legit, CATWALK. X3  i've had to walk for a total of three times, and had to change into different outfits 3 times as well.  that is, if you don't include me changing before the show, and for the ending Gangnam dance production number. XD

i can't exactly say anything else but that it felt reeeeeeeeeally great to actually feel like a model. :D  got lots of compliments after the program and it really boosted my self-esteem. :3  

moving on, the SLA faculty were also very awesome.  every one of them gave their all in performing for their students and making sure to make it a night to remember. :)  cheers to the show's director, and my Religious Studies professor, Sir Joseph Climaco! :D  he's awesome. XD  oh, and to my fellow Comm people! :3  they made the night worth remembering even more. :*  they be the best! :D

to end this post, here's a photo dump of what happened that night. =))

me in ADZ's 50s uniform :)
i look like a nurse, don't i? XD

loving the moment. X3 

COMM just being COMM. :') (plus dancing to Gangnam XD)
that is all. XD

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