Flush of Thoughts: SECRET POISON Music Video Rundown


i think i mentioned my being a k-pop fanatic before in one of my previous posts. =))  so in this post, imma talk about the latest MV that i've watched today. XD

so this band's name is Secret.  corny name, i know. @@  but anyway, they debuted back in 2009 with a "safe" song.  you know, the usual love song-slash-cutesy type. :p



ON THE SONG: it's totally Secret material, definitely! :DD  the saxophone parts were reminiscent of their Madonna days and made it turn into a whole different genre. XD  i liked that most of them had more parts to sing.  and although Jieun had less parts, she really made her presence known. :3

ON THE PLOT OF THE MUSIC VIDEO: the plot of the video is that same-old-same-old thing.  i think you can take it to have taken place during the mid-70s or 80s?  it was when the detectives where one of the most paid professionals i guess.

yey!  we stole something!

i was surprised by the whole "girl's guilty pleasures" twist when it came to the part of them just wanting to steal jewelry. XD  seriously, i thought they were plotting on stealing something bigger. =))

ON THE CHOREOGRAPHY: one word to describe this?  SEXY!! +.+  heck, these girls took a really risque move by going for a completely different image but daaaaaamn, the part when they have to spread their legs. @@  also that Sunhwa is in the middle?  Z:EA's Kwanghee's reeeeeally lucky now. >:D<  oh, and don't forget the chest pumping! XD

cheers to HYOSUNG! :DDD  she was effin' hot in this video.  and that's just an understatement. XD  side note: i think i speak for every fan that when she pumped her chest, hello, jiggling there. =))

ON THEIR OUTFITS: i love them! XD  the whole idea of girls in suits is really adorable and sophisticated. :3  they're like female magicians. :))  then again, i guess they're supposed to be detectives as well. :p

about their white caped outfits?  they remind me of 4minute's recent Volume Up wardrobe.

ON THEIR NEW LOOKS: LOVE THEM!  short hair really suits Hyosung. :3  the bangs were cut really well on Sunhwa, Jieun's back to dark brown (but who cares!?), and Zinger?  don't get me started on that girl. XD

there were part wherein they had contact lenses on. =))  loved that too. XD


poison pill in the whiskey.  seriously, what else could you expect? >:))

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