OOTD: I was waiting for the Sun to Shine on Me


Drum roll please! Finally! An outfit post with decent photos! :D


I mentioned in my previous post that I'd do everything in my power to take some decent photos for my outfit posts as much as possible. I used my family's Canon EOS 1100D. I'm very much aware of how to use ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, and all that jargon. Unfortunately, my fridays involve 7:30am classes and I wasn't able to stick to the schedule that I had originally planned for myself. I blame the way the cold water kept me from bathing in my usual pace. In the end, I just set the DSLR to the No-flash function.

I'd have to say that this may be the comfiest outfit that I have ever worn in my entire life! Swear to that.

Darn that paper piece at that corner. > <
I tilted the camera downward, so the lighting's
changed a bit in this photo. :p 
I need to fix my tripod angling. = =" 
I've been seeing quite a lot of bloggers and fashionistas go around with what they call "Boyfriend Jeans". I fell in love, to say the least. Sadly, I'm not able to go and get all that I want through the various online shops that the internet has to offer. So what better alternative do I have than to raid all the closets in the house? XD

After much scouring, I found this gem! Well, they weren't exactly straight cut jeans to begin. These babies were actually a pair of super-flared bootlegs. Nothing that a little folding and sewing couldn't fix though. The bonus in it? It's a nice shade, so I found it to be at a nice level of being distressed. Another bonus? IT'S GUESS BABY! XD

BELT: Sister's Own
JEANS: Closet Raid
SANDALS: Penshoppe

My next post will be a tutorial for the racerback top that I wore in this post. :3  I hope you take time to go through that as well as with this. XD

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  1. OMG! love the top!

  2. You're cute! Love the look here. :) You remind me of a blogger friend... Bea Benedicto ;)

    1. Thank you ate Rhea! :D Ooh, really? I'm gonna check her out then! :3

  3. Your hair is longer now!...I like picture number 3

    1. I plan on making it grow longer. :D Thank you! :3