OOTD: The Kid After the Rain


It's been raining really hard over here in Zamboanga city and today's rainfall definitely is the coldest one yet. You'd think that the rain would stop after having shown a bit of sunlight and and lighter drops. But noooooo, the weather just had to troll with the people and rain even harder in the later hours, until the wee minutes of the night. I'm currently huddled up in my jacket and jammies with a glass of warm milk beside me while I'm typing this.

Didn't time myself well with a jump. :)) 

I noticed that posing "seriously" wouldn't work out that much for this outfit. I just felt so happy during the entire day while wearing it that I really did end up feeling like a kid. :D

Still, I couldn't help but still do a few "serious" poses in this outfit. I would have sat on the little steps over there behind me if it weren't for the super moist ground. Anyway, these days have been quite a mix of problems and happy moments for me. I didn't expect to cry during the week, but I did. XD Moving on, I hope that you liked this post. :)  Don't forget to hype the look here! :D

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  1. It is good you were able to appreciate the rain...I guess I was working too much today, I didn't even get to see it!

    1. At first I didn't even notice the downpour as well. :D

  2. Your outfit is a bit cheerful despite the rainy weather. I like that. :)