Shorts become a Skirt!


The title says it all guys. :D  I asked my mom one time if she still had any skirts in her closet. Lo and behold, she saw a pair of shorts instead. I didn't exactly like the way it looked because it sort of reminded me of board shorts when worn. But I have to admit, the fabric is beautiful and I felt that I'd be wasting a perfectly beautiful piece if I didn't know what to do with it. So then, I decided to repair it myself, and turn it into a skirt. :D

I got rid of the threading around the bottom of the shorts in order for me to sew it up in the way the I want in the end. I dare say that the tiny scissors that I bought back in high school is a great investment! 

You can really see all the thread that I took off...

Now you may think that it looks so great an I had used the sewing machine really well, but really...

I'm aware that it may not be that clear, but honestly, the sewing from within the skirt is a mess! I'm not that much of an expert with the sewing machine yet. But I guess that since it's the outside of the skirt is what matters, then I am very proud to have been able to achieve it.

Watch out for when I wear this to the launching of the Centennial Coffee Table book! I'll be sure to blog about it for all of you. ;)

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  1. I really like the fabric, too! Well, at least you know how to work a sewing machine. I'm clueless.

    1. It's really eye-catching. :) Naah, I'm still an amateur though. @@

  2. Amazing colors!

  3. Berna, you really are great at DIYs! I salute you!

  4. Never thought this! Haha great can't wait to see how you will pull this off! :)

  5. Nice DIY! Will try to look for old colorful skirts and try doing this. <3