Dancing the Sun Away


The weather remains to be an object of insult for quite a number of individuals. Yesterday it was sunny, then today had been rainy. Won't the weather make up its mind? Anyway, I guess I can say that I got the idea for this outfit from the pattern of the blouse, Aztec. It then reminded me of the Sun Dance that I can recall from watching a Filipino movie. :D  I think it was "You Changed My Life", the one with Sarah and John Lloyd? :3

I love these sandals! I got my elder sister
buy me a pair while she was in Manila. <3 
A closer look into the Aztec 
Featuring a drop of water on the lens. O O" 

Oh, did I mention? The Centennial Celebration closing has finally begun! Eeh, actually it won't be that fun. The only things that I'm looking forward to are just the Cosplay event and the Launching of the ADZU Coffee Table book. Why the second one? I got to be one of the core models. It was a great experience. I was told to jump around for a few photos and even pretend to be a broadcaster. Life is good. XD


I hope the weather really lightens up soon. It's basically the reason why I haven't been feeling well. I've had to go out of the house drinking a lot of supplements because besides classes, I've got tons of work with the position I've been given in the organization that I'm a part of. Another thing? I want to take photos with the sun and not the clouds. ;-; 

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