Crop Top tutorial


hey everyone! :)  soooo, it's summer over here. XD  and what better way to celebrate it than with a piece that absolutely screams it?  A CROP TOP!  you can practically wear it at any occasion depending on how to style it. :>  so for this post, i'll be teaching you guys on how to cut one up from an oversized t-shirt. :D

Oversized T-Shirt
Pair of Scissors
Writing Material

STEP 1 & 2:
            wear the shirt!  this'll help you out on whether or not you'd also want to shorten its length.  it can be your dad's unused t-shirt or one that you bought at a thrift store/ukay-ukay.  use your writing material to mark out the final length of your shirt.  don't worry about the mark showing in the finished product, you'll just cut it off anyway~  (NOTE: i cut it this way because i wanted to make it shorter at times but still maintain the crop top feel XD)

            get to cutting~  the highlight of a crop top is how it actually hangs on to the body and doesn't lean into it.  first thing to cut off would be around the shirt hole, where the head goes in.  cut along the back part of the hole so as to get rid of the whole seam.

onward, follow the marks that you made along the t-shirt.

if the sleeves are too long for your liking then i suggest cutting off the seams.  put the shirt back on again and see if you need to cut it some more.  it's all on how you want it to end up as. :)

            ENJOY! XD

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  1. If I were thin, I would use that kind of top. Lol Nice!

    1. don't be like that. :) aside from this, you can just cut the the seam of the head hole and have the top dangle on your shoulder. XD haha, thanks. :3

  2. Interesting one!!! Best for slim figures

  3. wow! I also love DIY-ing stuff... definitely will recommend this for my girlfriends <3

    1. they're very convenient right? :) thank you very much! :D