First Week of (School) Fashion


"Everyday is a Fashion Show and the World is your Runway"
-Coco Chanel

        Hello everyone! So sorry that I haven't been able to post anything for a whole month. My last post dated back at May 14, so I guess counted right.

         Basically, this post is all about the outfits that I've worn this past week (oh, by the way, I'm on my third year of college now, one more year to go). Excluding Wednesday though, it was Independence Day over here in the Philippines, so it was then a National Holiday, meaning, NO CLASS. XD As much I did enjoy dressing up to my standards, I still couldn't resist the idea of staying home in my pambahay. :))

        It was sad that I wasn't able to have a decent outfit shoot for any of my outfits. :(( Nonetheless, what else are a mirror and cellphone camera for?

Note: Pictures are in low quality.


COVER UP: Ukay-ukay
GRAY TUNIC: My Cousin's hand-me-down
KHAKI SKINNIES: Repaired them from flared ones myself :3
SANDALS: Penshoppe
        Like the name suggests, I went for a sort-of military look with a slight touch of femininity. I've been in love with the sight of military inspired jackets these days and put it on top of my agenda list ever since. =))  I found this cover-up in Sta. Cruz Market and eventually, I was also able to spot a bigger, more jacket-y version in Magay (another ukay-ukay place). I'll post about it soon. :>

          Unfortunately, it was freaking hot that day and i had to take off the cover-up every once in a while to prevent my self from soaking up in my sweat. That would be unpleasant. = ="


BELT: Mother's Closet
SHOES: Given by my Mom's Friend
        Once more, having been able to find the best pieces for the lowest cost will bring upon one of the best feelings ever. :3 I remember seeing a lot of bloggers sport this type of sweater and thought to myself, "I wish I had that". A little searching and being able to withstand the stench later, I found this baby! :D

       To be honest, if it weren't for my older sister accompanying me and shopping herself, I wouldn't have been able to get this top's price to lower. XD All the more fun it is to shop with someone you're close with. :>


WHITE SHIRT: Mother's Closet
WEDGE HEELS: Just For Feet
SCARF: Given to me by my Grandmother

        This, if I may say, is my FAVORITE LOOK. I actually thought of this outfit while I was taking a bath. Of course, the night before I was practicing on how to tie the scarf, but the idea of the outfit in a completely different setting. I had expected to wear these jeans for the day, but not the rest of the ensemble.

        You really just have to love the scarf! I don't exactly have a zoomed shot of it, but if you see those little pink patterns, then those are roses. To be honest, I was actually pressured to using the scarf since my grandmother gave it to me for the sole reason that she knew that I'd use it. Of course, I've had my eyes on it for a while but didn't expect her to give it away so soon. I mean, come on, she got it as a birthday present.


RACERBACK TOP: Made from thrifted shirt
JEANS: Forever21
VEST: Oxygen

        The day before, two of my relatives arrived from Manila and stayed for around two days. They're the family of my dad's sister, unfortunately, my aunt wasn't able to go with them for specific reasons. During this day, my uncle had requested that we visit my lolo's grave, since only my aunt and cousin went to his burial. 

        I may have anticipated how hot the day would become, so I made the decision of wearing something light and breezy. And since my hair is suffering from a case of identity crisis, I decided to pull it up into a ponytail. Who knows how many directions my hair would end up in after a day. @@

DAY 5: Saturday, BY THE BAY

STRIPED CROP TOP: Made from thrifted shirt
HIGH-WAISTED SHORTS: Given to me by my best friend

        This the last morning that my uncle and cousin would be staying with us, so they decided to treat us all to breakfast outside. We had it at Lantaka, which may explain the name of this ensemble. We were only supposed to stay there 'til 10am, but we got caught up in our own little world back there and just lost track of time.

        And there we have it! Well, not exactly the most conventional first week of school, but not also the most boring. I actually had to be absent from my Friday classes to be able to spend time with my uncle and cousin. Luckily for me, there hadn't been any professors during that time. :D

        So which one is you favorite ensemble? I'd really like to read your comments and critique. :3

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  1. Bern! Do a tutorial of that racerback top you made. So cute! :> My second favorite outfit is the first one.

    1. It's actually been lying around in the drafts section for a while now. :)) I'll post it as soon as I proofread it again. :3 THANKS!

    2. I tried making one, but yours looks way cooler. :)

  2. Thanks ate! :3 I have my elder sister to thank for that. XD She just found me a photo and I went on with cutting. :))

  3. I want the Day 2 and 4. Agree with Jemm do a tutorial for the racerback top! :)

    1. Thank you! :3 I'll make sure to post a tutorial very soon. XD

  4. I agree a day of fashion for every school day!!! I like the mirror and cellphone pictorial....