OOTD: The Last Cinderella + #PrayForZamboanga


It seems to me that I deleted the photo that had me in a profile. Gomene~

POLO: Mother's Closet
SCARF: Best Friend's Wardrobe
Since I'm not able to have my little outfit shoots all the time now (what else could you expect with a 7:30 class?), I decided to just post about my looks in this blog. It also means that I'll be able to update it more often now. :>

You may be wondering why I named this "The Last Cinderella". Funny thing, actually. XD  I just finished watching a drama of the same title and decided to pay tribute to it. The female lead didn't exactly have the best fashion sense, but her style sort of looked as if it could still be do-able by other people. Hence,  I came up with this! :3

The school I'm actually enrolled in also mentioned how the students are encouraged to wear black as a representation of their demand for justice. It hasn't exactly been that peaceful over here in Zamboanga City. I didn't wear white to show that I didn't care though, I made sure to tell people, when they asked, that I wore it to symbolize hope. I don't think I should really be going for black since it's too negative of a color to wear especially during times like this.

I hope things go well in the city I'm continuing to grow up in. I know justice is what most people aim to have right now, I just pray and hope that everything will go well.

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