YOUNG JUSTICE IS BACK! [Warning: Contains Spoilers]


is wasn't planning on having another blog post so soon, but i just had to get this out of my system one way or another. >:3

as you all may know, i am a huge fan of Young Justice. :3  to which, i am guilty of being biased over Kid Flash. XD  for some absurd reason, Cartoon Network decided to cancel all DC Nation episodes until the following year, which i may to say, is this year. >:D  i've been itching to get my fangirl-ism out of my body ever since SNSD's latest release.  but lo and behold, here comes Young Justice.  > 3<  

the next episode's entitled "Cornered", and will be released on January 12.  i won't be spoiling you too much since there's the rundown. XD  i was able to find two promos and am very proud to say that i was all smiles while watching them. >:3

here's the rundown and some stuff that i think we may need to watch out for:


that is correct!  i may not know all their names but i'm pretty sure they'll make a huge difference in the plot. >:3  first, the ones whose names i do know...

yup, this is Blue Beetle's best friend, Tye Longshadow. 
NEPTUNE'S BEARD! wasn't Aqua Girl supposed to be dead?!  then
again, it might just be a flashback so as to show viewers how
she died or something? :p
anyone else remember Static Shock? :))

i hope this isn't Jaime's predecessor.  then again,
it would be pretty cool if it were. =))

and for the one that i don't know about...

seriously, who is this guy?


now what would superheroes be without their enemies around to fight them? 

DEAR LORD IT'S SLAAAAAAAAAAADE!!!!!  or someone else. :))

who this monster?

remember this guy?  i forgot his name, but i remember an episode from
Justice League wherein he made Superman battle someone to the death
and lost.  he was exiled and had to survive on his own.  TRIVIA: in that episode,
Superman befriended a wild alien wolf creature.  reminiscent of Superboy
and Wolf, right? :3
i'm guessing Red Volcano is back.

i don't know this guy. :p

well then, i guess i'll end this post with the continuity of the episodes. :3

Conner: "You have no idea what your secrets have done to us!"

Cheshire/Jade: "This is for Artemis."

yeeeeeeeeeeey!  it's done.  so here's a bit of Spitfire action. >:****   

Artemis: "What could possibly go wrong?"
see you all!  no blog posts for a while again 'cause midterms are coming up.  that is, unless i end up feeling like posting again. :))  furthermore, most of the Animes that i've been loving ended with around 12-13 episodes, so i may be procrastinating some more. XD

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