Flush of Thoughts: SNSD "I Got A Boy" Music Video Rundown+ Happy New Year


so 2013 is here!  yeeeeeeeeeeey! *runs around in imperfect circles XD

and what better way is there for a SONE like me to do?  watch their comeback music video! >:D  people going around with their new year's resolutions and i'm here waiting for their music video. >:3

YoonA's in the middle again ._.
so the music video starts with them beautiful ladies being girls...

gossiping (Yuri and Tiffany)
writing in a diary :3 (Sooyoung)
playing around (SUNNY and YoonA! <3) 
trying out perfume (Jessica.  i know, it looks weird :))
closet raid XD (Seohyun and Taeyeon)

but wait... there be a male specimen. XD

reminds me of CNBlue's Jungshin :))

and all hell breaks loose! XD
ON THE SONG: totally not, but at the same time, Girls Generation. >:D  their I Got a Boy was a mix of the usual cutesy tune that they are known for but they also went for something completely different by going techno and pretty much just, growing up.  well, they are all in their 20s now. :))  and may i just point out that everyone actually had a decent amount of parts this time?  their agency seems to finally be listening to the fans. >:))

also, you'd think that there are two different songs, but actually, their just one long composition. :))

ON THE PLOT OF THE MUSIC VIDEO: basically, the video had no plot at all.  all there was was the girls being their usual in-your-face-we're-the-best attitude (which i completely don't defy) and the occasional fantasies they have with that mystery guy. XD  my favorite fantasy would, hand's down, be Hyoyeon's. >:3  (sorry for not being able to provide a decent screenshot)

ON THE CHOREOGRAPHY: it seems that the spreading of legs seems to be taking the world by storm. :))  there was 4minute (Mirror Mirror), Secret (Poison), and now this. >:D

may i mention that the choreography is completely different from their previous single The Boys?  their dance there was a bit more sophisticated.  in this routine, they don't look like the usual stiff Barbie dolls, instead, they really move their bodies and do a lot of waves, headbangs, shakes and junk.

slap slap slap XD
just imagine her shaking while bringing her hands up. :))
there was also this step that was reminiscent of their crab dance in Gee. XD

ON THEIR OUTFITS: the whole music video was just a burst of colors, literally.  the first part included the girls being all badass with a new musical style.  unlike their previous wardrobe, this one had a mix of the early 70s and the current swagger trend.  their hair have a bunch of those pastel extensions, except for Sunny, she really had her hair colored to fit the concept. XD (since i've already posted a bunch of screenshots, i won't be posting a lot :p )

their military looks >:3
also, there's this thing they have for glossy trench coats. :3  i like. XD

too bright huh? :I
let me just point out that their way of dressing is somewhat reminding me of how 2ne1 dresses.

ON THEIR NEW LOOKS: it's something really new for me. :))  although as much as i love that their trying to go with the trend, i can't help but say that it looks a bit, please don't bash 'cause this is really just something that i want to let out, trashy.     > < :((  i really hope that my beloved Soonkyu's stylists do their best to get her hair to look super cool.  i'm not exactly a big fan of her curls with popping hair colors. :\  but might i say that Hyoyeon is looking exceptionally happy with the new concept. :p

moving on, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  and in the words of Effie Trinket, "May the Odds be ever in your Favor".

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