Look 2: Blinded + IT'S OVER, for now


yey for my second look!  and yey again for midterms being over! XD

this post has actually been revolving around my mind ever since i could remember.  well, if you can say yesterday as  "ever". =))

i actually really liked this outfit mainly because of the top. :3  my ate bought it for me as a form of payment for doing a favor for her. :ppp   nyaha.

oh, and all these accessories actually belong to her. =))  i forgot to ask her about it, but anyways~ :pp

moving on, my midterm exams have officially ended yesterday, BANZAI! :D  i guess i could say that i went through hell during the past two weeks.  having to film for my Broadcast Performance class, editing the video, and writing 5 articles is not exactly what i could call "fun".  maybe productive?  or fulfilling? :3

AFTER FILMING.  i felt like a turtle. :p

watch my video here! :D

my distorted tresses~ ;-;
i think this was around 1am? :))

i did this at the back of a tangram guide. @@

to end this post, may i just say that i had yet another haircut. :))  as much as it reminds me of the little morena girl who goes out of the house without her parent's permission, i couldn't help but think that it was a chic way to look youthful. :3  i've been having mature man-cuts so this was really cool for me. :p

oh, and i hope i'm not going feelingera and all, but i'm accepting products for reviews and junk. :)  i still need to incline myself with css and all.  so, i may not be able to accommodate to them boxes, skyscrapers, and banners right now. :>  e-mail me at: berna.jjang@gmail.com

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