First (Ukay) Haul Post :3


i've always wanted to go on an all-out shopping spree.  unfortunately, Zamboanga City seems to be lacking in good shopping destinations. ;-;  but for all Filipinos, the one place they can go to to spend to their hearts content, and bring home quite a lot, would be the Ukay-Ukay (Thrift Store). :3

me and my classmate had planned the trip so as we could spend our Christmas and New Year's money. XD

an Ukay-ukay is basically a treasure place full of all the wondrous things we call clothes. XD  the best thing about these places is that there are tons of clothes to search for, you could actually get some branded items, and best of all, THE LOWEST PRICES! >:DD  i seriously had to contain myself from grabbing everything that i could. >:3

as much as i didn't want to do so, i actually had a list in my mind as to what i was aiming to buy.  a few of them being shoes, sweaters, red-colored clothing, and even a military jacket. :))  sadly, i wasn't able to find such things, but was able to get other stuff as compensation. >:))

the first thing that i got was this shirt.  actually, i was aware that it could have been owned by a guy, but heck, i'm currently having a stripe fetish. XD  plus, it reminds of sailor stuff. :))  if it doesn't fit me then i guess i could play with a pair of scissors now can't i? >:3

next we have another oversized top. :))  i really like the print, perhaps the crown or the quote is what attracted me to it. :ppp  i wanna wear this with a pair of liquid leggings, my blue skinnies, oh the possibilities are endless. X3  also, an oversized top is practically one of the most versatile pieces one can have. :D

again with the stripes. :))  i was actually surprised to find something like this in the pile.  i took a closer look at it and expected the studs to fall off, but they didn't.  i even tried to tug a bit at one of the studs to see if they really couldn't budge. XD  this one's a bit too big as well. :ppp

this, i am sure, belonged to a man. :))  no, i am not gonna wear it like this. XD  my older sister found a tutorial online on how to turn a shirt into an adorable racerback! >:3  i really cannot wait to do so with this. XD

next would be the sheer top that i took out from the bottom of the pile.  'nuff said. XD

how "sheer" is it?

le jacket. :3  i've been really meaning to get one since most of my classes are held in air-conditioned rooms.  this will seriously help me out in avoiding frostbite. > <

this bag... this bag... i have to say it was my best find. =))  even my sister admitted to really liking it. XD  although it's rusted around the buckles and buttons, it didn't seem to make a difference to the overall appearance of the bag. :3  i saw that its got seams lashing out of it, it's nothing a pair of scissors and my grandma's sewing machine can't fix. :>


of course, i also wanted to shop a bit more luxuriantly during the day, so while waiting for my friend to arrive, i browsed around the department store that we decided to meet-up in.  i bout a pair of khaki jeans, that was supposed to be worth 799.99 pesos, for 720 pesos. XD  (no picture, gomene. ;-;)

i'll see if it's worthy enough for a lookbook post. XD

we pan on having another ukay trip during summer, or before the new school year starts. :3 this time, we'll even head to the night market to check out them lovely shoes. X3

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  1. I like your second and third finds. I would've grabbed them too. Another thing that you might wanna do is turn them into cropped tops. I've been wanting to do that too. XD

    1. i was thinking about doing just that as one of my choices. :)) but i think i recall one of the them being a sort of garter-ed finish rather than the usual cotton, i'm pretty much searching for what i can do with a pair of scissors. >:3

  2. I think the second shirt's print is a reference to the song Love of My Life by Queen. That line is such an important part in that song and the crown, well, queens have crowns. Haha :p

    Anyway, it's a great shirt. I love Queen and I would've bought it too. :D

    1. daebak! >:3 now i really am am glad to have found and purchased it. :D