FAIRY TAIL 313! [Warning: Contains Spoilers]


who would've thought that i'd have two blog posts in just two days? :))  it's a new record for me. XD

it's been around three weeks since Fairy Tail's had its last update.  i was especially happy that it came out earlier rather than the usual 12am schedule. XD  here's a bit of a rundown as well as some stuff that i'm trying to decipher. >:3

the chapter formally began with where it left off, that is, when Natsu and his gang met up with the "future Lucy".

HONTONI?????????!!!! D:<
.... aaaaaaaaaand it's gone.

and if you all could recall, Fiore's Beloved Princess Hisui "exiled" Natsu and the other to be executed by the Garou Knights.  unfortunately for them, they lost to Natsu and his friends. >:))


let's head back to the fight against Kagura, Minerva, and the ever so fierce and beautiful, Erza Scarlet. <3


accordingly, she is said to use Yakuma
magic.  not much else is known about it. 
arrogant b*tch 
well someone's possessive. 
after that, you can pretty much expect that the following chapters will be reeeeeeeeeeally bad-ass. >:D
this guy's starting to bore me. = ="
love that comeback! >:3

the following chapter's been entitled "Erza vs. Kagura". :)  i hope Kagura unsheathes her sword.  i really want to see how good she is against the almighty Titania! >:))

so here's a few things that are bugging me, what else does that Future Lucy have to say?  what else is in Levy's letter to Lucy?  why the heck is Gajeel's headband worn the same way as Levy's?! >:DDD  and the most important question by far in the minds of all Fairy Tail fanatics, where the freakin' heck is Lector?! ;-;

to end this post, here's some pervy pic from this chapter of Natsu making a move on future Lucy. :))

haha. XD  have a nice day/night. :3

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  1. Heard that Fairy Tail is a good anime and manga series. It looks interesting to me now that I have read your post. ^_^

    heart heart heart,

    1. banzai! i'm glad i was able to make someone a fan. :3

      thanks for the feedback. :*