Light Monotony+First Outfit Post


so yeah, i decided to deactivate my old Lookbook account to make a new one.  honestly, i wasn't that proud of it and pretty much didn't have second thoughts about doing so. :P

so these  were the jeans that i was talking about in my Ukay Haul post.  this wasn't 100 pesos though. :))  i decided to go a bit luxurious that day and bought these jeans which i really fell in love with. :3  and the bag... oh the bag. > 3<

i'm not that abundant with accessories.
= ="

these shoes were a gift from my mom's friend. XD
they were too big for her so she gave them
to me since i have, like, size 9 or 10 feet. @@ ;-;
so i guess that's it. XD  this blog is turning out to be a very confusing one. >:))

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  1. Looking at this post makes me realize that you really were the one I saw last friday, near the backfield. I was seated on the benches with my boyfie... And when I saw you (wearing this outfit on your post) I thought to myself "that's a very well put together look!". I especially loved your shoes! <3

    1. really ate? :3 thanks so much! :) me too, the shoes also my favorite piece in the outfit. :>