MY BLOG'S NEW LOOK + Selin's fashion House Haul


GOOD NEWS! Normally people would register in sites that they wish to be a member in. The balance just tipped with me, a fashion style sharing site's administrators actually INVITED me to join the site after looking at a few of the outfits that I've posted about. I feel blessed. 

Another thing is that it's not everyday that you get followed by the verified account of a fashion site's Twitter account. But the exact thing happened to me and I was rolling like a buffalo (Kpop reference, nyaha) after finding out. I'm not going to share what these sites are. I just think that I might jinx it. Forgive me~

Last, I've been getting more and more fans lately on Lookbook. Not many people would think that's a big thing but for me, it is definitely a big thing. Later in a few looks, a Russian blogger messaged me and mentioned that she wanted to interview me for her blog. To say I was happy would be an understatement. I might look back at that interview and see just how much I've changed in terms of character and fashion. Check out the interview here!

All of those reasons lead me to post in my facebook a status that said: "My blog needs a makeover. ASAP." You could say I was desperate at the moment. Big names were looking through my blog and I just can't let the opportunity of them liking it slip away.
I've been meaning to change it for a long time now, DATTEBAYO (Anime reference, nyaha). However I never really got the hang of all the CSS or simple background dimensions and all. My blog's background is actually made by a close friend and classmate that I've been with for my past college years. He's really good. I'd give him more than two thumb's ups if I had more hands. I might still tweak my header a bit though sine it really looks plain. 

If you guys wanna have your backgrounds custom-made as well, just head over to his Facebook account and PM him. Though he might ask for payment in return. You could also check out his deviantart account. He's really a fun and creative guy!

Now let's head to the haul~

Note: The next composition is not, in any way, a sponsored post.

I've been meaning to go shopping online for a long while now. However, there seems to be more things that are stopping me, rather than encouraging me. Then again, there's nothing like shopping with friends, even if it is online shopping.

I have to admit that, I don't own a touchscreen phone. So all these jargon about Instagram is just a "meh~" thing for me. I have a bunch of friends who have tabs and android phones, it's from them that I actually found out about shopping in Instagram. One afternoon, one of my classmates was browsing around and a shop caught her eye. It's not everyday that you find a shop that sells clothes for 150 pesos and books for 20 pesos. It just shouldn't work that way!

That shop, then, would be Selin's Fashion House on Instagram (@selinsfashionhouse). A few tops caught the eyes of me and another classmate in the process and we went straight for ordering. She ordered one 150 pesos worth top and I ordered a same riced top as well as another 250 pesos top. 

I ordered what looks like a graphic sweater/pullover top and blouse. I remembered mentioning way too many times about how much I wanted to decorate my clothes with print and color. Coll fact about these clothes, they arrived rather fast, which is one of the many basic things we all expect from shops that are based in where we live. 

Primary colors have basically dominated this pullover. I'm lucky to have bought this because the cloth is really thin for wool. I could wear this during not-so-cold days and still feel cozy and cool. I might tweak with it a little though. Of course , that may never happen. Wool is a rather hard-to-work with material.

Please ignore the orange pillow at the corner.
Comic-esque tops have always caught my eyes. I love how there are phrases like "Kaboom!" or "Ka-pow!" on them. They're really fun to wear and you could just feel a fantastical vibe going around after slipping them on. They are what they are, fun and free and heroic. 

Of course, since we're first time buyers, I'm guessing that it's only right that the owner of the shop gives me and my classmate a note to thank us. I can't help but also look forward to her saying that "The best is yet to come". I really hope so. Haha.

Looks are to come after this post everyone! I'll be wearing the pullover tomorrow, so watch out for it~ <3

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