Flush of Thoughts: De-stressing


Junior year has always been said to be the hardest. Whoever was the first to mention that has never been any more right. No, this post is not a rant about how my Junior life is hell or how my problems are important. Basically, I'm just gonna be typing away the random things that I've been doing to get away from the stress because to be honest, I feel as if white hair are making their way onto my scalp as we speak.

1. Write and Burn

I've started the habit of writing down my frustrations on paper. This is what I do when my baby brother is being put to sleep and I can't make any traumatic noises. The whole point of it all, for me, is that I get to just write and write what's in my mind. Like a Facebook status. 

The thing here is that since I pretty much have nothing in mind except for that frustration. It's actually a good thing because, unlike writing an article, the story comes to you in the craziest, most spontaneous way possible. Thinking of a cuss? Write it down. Thinking of a caricature? Draw it. Spontaneous thoughts are basically what keep me going while doing this de-stresser.

Afterwards, I take the paper away with me and get a box of matches or a lighter. Watching the paper burn, I start feeling rather lighter. Except maybe when the smoke sort of goes my way and I'm all like: "Wait, this is supposed to help me!"  

But it's okay because I get a good laugh. Which is what I'm basically aiming for during the whole thing.

2. Scream
'Nuff said. This helps, a lot.

3. Stretching

I actually consider rolling in my bed stretching. Lie down, forget the problems and roll like a buffalo. Stand up and reach for the skies! Crouch down like a rock stooping low. I even go as far as trying to do a full split. That never worked out well though. 

4. Watching J and K Videos

By J and K, I mean Japanese and Korean. It's actually a general term for all the anime, amvs, music videos, variety shows, fancams, and many more that I watch to lift up my spirits every now and then. Except when what I'm watching is a tear-jerker. That would make what I'm currently feeling even worse that it already is.

5. Being gross.

This means that I throw everything about being a girl or lady away and just let the stress speak. I won't comb my hair, I'd spread my legs while sitting down, I'd eat lazily with my hands, and many more. It actually helps because then I get to prepare to be all poised and regal-like by the time my would-be regression is done.

And the last de-stresser that I want to share to you all, which means there are more but I don't feel like typing about them , definitely the best, DRUM ROLL PLEASE:

6. MAYU!

We're not complete here actually. The girl in the middle's been my best friend since second grade. The four guys around her are people whom I met during elementary, but only got to know personally during high school 'til college. I love them. I never feel sad when I'm with these people. We basically live our lives loving anime and being impossibly random with all our adventures. Yep, thst's MAYU for you.

Oh, MAYU is a Japanese term for Eyebrows by the way. Nyaha. Also, when you think about it,I just de-stressed in the form of posting this blog. Nyaha.

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