My BANGing Outfit


Hoooraaaaay! Midterms just ended! Hooray! Well, the written exams that is. There are a few other subjects that require me and my classmates to complete throughout the semester. But then again it's all good. We get to have overnight stays almost every week at a group mate's house and we don't work until it's already around 11 or 12pm. Yeahp, it's the life.

I recently changed what I typed in the "About Me" section of my Lookbook profile: "I dress to de-stress". After a few days, someone commended me on it and the philosophy sort of sunk in a bit more. I really do dress to de-stress, which is why I make sure I wear something nice during my fridays.

To be honest, I forgot to loop the belt into one of the belt holes of my jeans. I was walking for the whole afternoon not realizing that until my mom said it out loud after arriving home. Luckily there weren't any malfunctions, amen.

This look is actually an attempt to be in couple clothes with one of my biases, Bang Yongguk. Hence, the name of this look. Don't ruin it for me guys! Truth be told, he's become a fashion icon for me as well as a role model. I love how he donates and devotes a huge percentage of his career to charity. 

I'm not able to get all the merchandise that I want so I resolve to other methods of being a fan. I just hope that if I do get bashed by other fans, then it won't be as severe as... never mind. Nyaha. Moving on, I can't seem to use the hype button on my HTML anymore. I hope it goes back to normal soon. Until then, I'm using the link function.

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