My Black Hole stomach kept me from working out



Yes, the name of the look basically sums up my eating and exercising habits. I basically only gain one kilogram every year at most. I've proven this with the various medical checkups that my college requires students to have. Enough about that, here comes the photos~


I didn't bother setting up the tripod and all because it was raining outside before I had the chance. Huhubels. Also, I felt like I didn't need to because, well, a full-length mirror was basically in the next room. 

I'm actually bending my head down to show a clear look of the cap.
I am actually very happy to have found this bullcap. As soon as I saw it hanging around one of the stalls of the thrift store, I recognized immediately that one of my favorite artists had worn a similar item. Going back home after buying it, I went online and searched. Lo and behold:

G freaking DRAGON had worn a similar cap in Big Bang's Bad Boy Music video. Of course, the cap that I found didn't have the embroidered "Good Girl" on the flap, but heck, I bought the freakin' thing for 150 pesos and I am not ashamed to wear it. I'm actually expecting another cap to arrive this month.

It'll be exactly like the picture above. Leessang is a South Korean band that features one rapper, Gary, and one vocalist, Gil. I found out about them waaaaaaaaaay after their debut, but before that, through the variety shows that they star in, Running Man and Infinity challenge, respectively. They are hilarious, period. Going online, all of the shps sold these for around 500 something, that's without shipping fee. Luckily, I was able to find a shop, Zamboanga-based if I may add, that would only sell a cap like this for around 400 pesos. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Can't wait for that cap now. <3

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