My May 13 Election Experience


Scar came from Merloquet Falls. :))
          Though it may sound sentimental to you guys, I still remember the day that me and two of my classmates went to COMELEC and register ourselves as voters. At that time, it was hot. The place was crowded and wasn't that well-ventilated. We had to deal with different personalities just to get through that one October afternoon. Luckily, the three of us made it and were followed by another classmate who registered with her older sister.

        Five months later (funny if I typed in nine instead), we finally practiced our right to vote, as well as put our decision-making skills to good use. We are quite supportive of those whom we deemed suitable for the positions, I'll keep the candidate selection to this level though.

           The thing that I noticed with the elections is how similar it was to registering to become a voter. Depending on where our precinct was, it would be inevitable if the event didn't all go according to plan. Again, we had to deal with unlikely personalities at that time. Some would complain, others would cut in line, people would go home and come back when the line's almost disappeared, and all the other things in between and beyond that. 

            Though I would have joined my classmates in some coverage work during this day, I had other appointments to attend to in the end. Another piece of negativity would be how the PCOS machine in the precinct I was assigned in got busted and wouldn't function well due to over-sized ballots. This was solved with the help of a pair of scissors, but it ended with a collapsing system as many voters complained about how long it was taking for them to have their turn. Apparently, a few of them were much more expressive than others.

             To pass the time while I was there, I decided to chat with those around me. I came across senior citizens who needed help finding their names on the list, and even played with a few infants by making faces for them. I even sat with people who had disabilities, mentally and physically. Of course, their guardians were nearby, so in case they had done something, it would be treated right away. I was also able to spot some familiar faces along the way~

             I actually came back home quite exhausted after a day's passing. Nonetheless, I'm glad that I was able to experience voting right away after turning 18. Next stop, 2016 ELECTIONS!

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