Lookchem's Blue and White Porcelain Pen and Bookmark Suit


NOTE: This post is not for review purposes. It is to show my gratitude to Lookchem.com for gifting me with such items. Once more, this post is NOT for review purposes.

Yesterday, May 13, I was able to receive the gift that Lookchem.com had sent me in return for their wanting to sponsor my blog. I was definitely sad to find out about this while I wasn't around the house, I really wanted to be the one to sign for the postman.  ;-;

I was able to receive a blue and white porcelain pen and bookmark suit from them, and let me tell you, these have to be the most extravagantly practical items I may ever have in my whole entire life. > 3<

Along with the mailing company's packaging, the gift came with a bag and box, both with designs similar to each other. It was definitely oozing with the Chinese theme, to which, my mother found easy to determine. I was then surprised that my house was easy to find by the postman, I had expected that he'd get lost somehow since my house number is a bit hard to spot. @@

The box was able to cushion the pen and bookmark well throughout its trip to my home. It was scary though, I had thought that the box would deteriorate due to the process. I'm happy that it didn't. How would I explain that to Miss Yu if it did? :(

The way the bookmark looks, it's mystifying. I definitely plan on using it soon, same with the pen. But due to my being paranoid and a sometimes over-thinking personality, I may not bring these along with me too much. :))

My first impression of the pen is how it was fragile. I was very afraid of removing its cap off, I kept thinking that if I did, I could break the pen in two. Luckily, it didn't. It's rather smooth when being used, I also noticed that it was a gel-ink pen. "I am only using this when I need to write my signature." I'll keep this mantra in my head up until it runs out of ink to be able to do so. :3

I could feel the embossing on the pen, smooth to the touch. And to make things more interesting for myself, I decided that if I am about to use this pen, I'm going to wash my hands first. =))

(Book Title: The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan) Onto the bookmark, "That is one shiny bookmark," said the blogger. If I was afraid of breaking the pen in two, then for this item, I was afraid of getting my fingerprints on it. I might also wah my hands if I feel that they're too dirty for the bookmark. XD

My being under the Cancer zodiac sign brought me to being sentimental again. I actually plan on keeping the packaging plastics and even the mailing detail until death. I'm very thankful for these. :D

Lastly, I'd really like to thank Eileen Yu of Lookchem.com for giving me such an extravagant gift despite my being inexperienced as a blogger. Though it may be unethical to type about this, I dare say that I don't care whatsoever. Again, thank you Miss Eileen Yu~ :)

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  1. I also chose the same gift! I kinda don't wanna use mine though. It's just too pretty. :)

    1. They really are. :3 But it would also be waste if they weren't used as well. :p