The Escape to Merloquet Falls


i think i remember mentioning that my next post would be about my trip to Merloquet Falls. :)  me and a few of my classmates decided that, since we've been itching to escape from civilization for a while, we decided on heading off to enjoy ourselves through nature's best. :3

i don't remember how far we went but i do recall that it took us one and a half hours to arrive at Tagasilay, through rural transit, and another hour and a half to arrive at the falls.  and let me tell you, the road trip and hike was really worth it. :D

not sure if this photo is from the bus trip or the jeepney ride. XD  gomene~
we were fortunate enough to have a friend  who lives in Tagasilay, but has another house in Boalan, have us stay at his home before heading to the falls.  he even provided lunch for us and allowed us to hitch hike with his family as we went to the falls. ;-;

the jeepney trip to Merloquet Falls~
my classmate's nephew.  he was a handful.

if i remember correctly, then the day before the outing went on with strong rainfall, so it was expected that we could come across mud, and we did.  it ended up with the jeep not being able to take us down.  then again, it's usually the long walk that gets most people excited for an upcoming surprise. XD

i think we were walking downhill to the falls for a good 15 minutes or so.  we were a bit discouraged thinking that, since we couldn't hear loud gushing, the falls had dried up.  luckily, when we finally arrived, it was place we couldn't have imagined going to. :)

the feeling i got after being able to climb up on the rocks and finally being able to feel the water pressure against my back was great.  this is actually just the first "level" of the falls.  to get to the second one, one would have to hold onto a rope and trek through some soil and roots.  tiring, but worth it.  though i have to share that i did wound my hand while trying to climb back up to return to the first level.  though it was a blessing that it was my hand that got injured.  i wouldn't want to get my feet hurt because then i'd be a problem for the hosts of the trip. ;-; 

because we LOVE the falls. :D 

same height? :3
time to nom! :9

we actually thought that we had been enjoying for a good two hours only to find out that it hasn't even been an hour since we started bathing in the falls. XD  we had a mini pictorial while we there, as you may have seen in the photos. :))  afterwards we went back to the jeepney, we were going uphill this time, so you can imagine how hard we were panting after the trek. @@  nonetheless, we enjoyed it. :)  before heading back to our friend's residence, we stopped by Vitali and took a break.  our hosts treated us to snacks and junk, we thank them with all our heart.

it may not be obvious but it was actually sunny during the ride to Vitali. XD
i used my towel as a makeshift umbrella. :))
arriving back to the bus terminal, everyone was literally tired.  we all wanted to lie down and i even took a short nap during the bus ride back. :p  i can still feel the water gushing behind my back from time to time. :DD

this was actually held way back at April 15. :))  and i'm just posting about it now. XD  gomene~  i really missed going to places that were just oozing with nature and to my luck, i went to Merloquet Falls. :3  wonder where i'll be going to next?

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