The Blackout Dilemma


for people who are living in Zamboanga City, the toughest decision to make would have to be choosing what to do during the different 3-hour power interruptions of the day.  my list came down to a few things from reading a book, playing games on my phone, memorizing dance routines, pretty much the same thing over and over again, everyday. :))

this time, however, i went with my random urges and decided to give my hair a little makeover.  (note: i used my phone to take these selcas (self-cameras) because the DSLR felt heavy. ^^v)

i admit that my house clothes aren't exactly to many
people's liking. :))
i left these things on for around two hours, i guess. :3 
i curled my hair with rollers because: 1.) no electricity and; 2.) i'm avoiding using heat on my hair as much as i can.  AND VOILA!

forgive me for my blemishes. :))

due to my inconsistencies, the curling went off in different ways on both sides.  since i curled my hair with the rollers going outwards, i'm going to do the exact opposite the next time i indulge in this makeover. :))  i may even try braiding instead of curlers. :>

i had wanted to add an outfit shoot to my little urges but then decided not to do so  because of specific reasons.  maybe next time~

my next post may probably be about my trip to Merloquet Falls with a few of my classmates.  it's a very beautiful place with a waterfall that may resemble a staircase and despite the rocks being slippery, we were able to enjoy a hard water massage. XD

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