Shingeki no Kyojin


it gets pretty boring during the summer so i pretty much need a list to be able to know what to do in a day.  as many of you may know, i watch a lot of anime.  so every once in a while i tend to search for new ones, or concluded ones that i have yet to enjoy. :))

i tend to be really picky when i want to make sure that i have a good time watching a series.  i enjoy genres like love, school life, shoujo (girls), seinen (boys), magic, comedy, ecchi (this shows those kind of scenes), etc.  these days i'm really craving bloody animes that have all the gore and killings that anyone can imagine.  luckily for me, there's this new one that just released in April 6 of this year. >:3

Shingeki no Kyojin is about giants, you read that right, Giants.  they're also called Titans, so i'm guessing that this anime also refers to mythology.  these creatures eat humans, hence, a great wall was built to keep them away.  that is, until one faithful day where thunder stroked.  a giant even greater then the great wall, which i presume might be Kronos,  came down and broke into it.  making this hole as a way to enter, the smaller giants had their fill in screams and human flesh.  i liked that scene where there was a man pierced into the ground from the head down, oh the gore! XD

ugly aren't they?  i trust that this will haunt your dreams pretty soon.
the setting is staged around medieval times where there isn't electricity and kids have to fetch firewood for their families.  women in their dresses and men clothed in trousers and vests made of animal fur and skin. 

these two kids are apparently the protagonists.  the boy's name is Eren.  he's the son of a doctor.  the girl next to him is named Mikasa, do not mistake for the volley ball brand, and she's his adoptive sister. :))  the whole story will be revolving around how Eren will avenge his mother for being eaten by a giant. :3

since i don't know a lot about the whole thing, then i'll be stopping here. :p  can't force myself to know everything about considering its only been one episode. XD

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