There was this post that I did that had a piece of my digital art in it. It has actually been around three or five months since I last some decent digital art. I browsed through my briefcase in the family PC and found a lot of abandoned PSD files that were from last year to the year before that. I really am ashamed of myself for not being able to enhance this skill because, I admit, it is a very practical and useful talent especially when I want to pursue a career in Communication.

my latest digital work~ 
So then, I decided that, since it's summer and all, I may as well use it as an excuse to be able to at least improve in both my digital art skills. Of course, I'll  also make sure that I become better at drawing with a pencil since I plan on making my own header soon. :)

Another thing that I have come to realize was how much I missed updating my Deviantart account and receiving faves. So this sentiment pretty much adds up to the motivation of having to learn and improve these skills. I may decide on lining and coloring the picture above so as to also work on making backgrounds. :3 

On another note, I also decided to finally get away from my small letter after two spaces antics and resolved to better sentence construction. XD  That is, with the appropriate setting of using capital letters after every period. :))

Check out more of my art 

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