WISH LIST: Copic Markers


while watching some video update on the new Naruto movie, i came upon loving, and wanting, the cool art gadgets that Masashi Kishimoto was using while coloring in the Naruto in front of him. :D


they're called Copic markers, and they are AMAZING. +.+

they double-edged markers, one side is broad, the other is fine.  a person can mix the colors just as how they can with watercolors. :3  ain't that amazing?

another cool thing about these babies is that they have a separate mechanism that allows them to become AIRBRUSHES!  sheer bad-assness. XD
 moreover, there are 5 different sets (despite them being able to all use the same type of ink), each with its own main forte:

there's the Original set with 214 colors, Sketch set with 358 colors, Wide set with around 36 colors, the Ciao set with 180 colors.  and the Comic set, with 72 colors, and are the ones mostly sold in Japan.  this means that these are the babies that Mashi Kishimoto had used in the video, which makes it the set that i want to buy first. :3  i just hope that they sell these things in the Philippines. ;-;  *fingers crossed.

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