Songs that would make good Musicals


apparently, this is something random to post about today. :)

so yeah, these songs aren't exactly in order as to which one will be the best musical.  so just bear with me.  oh, and K-pop songs will be included too (yes, i like love k-pop. :P)

the first one would have to be "Stronger (What Doesn't kill You) by Kelly Clarkson. :3
it's the sort of cliche, girl-moves-on kind of thing, but heck, it works.  who wouldn't want to see a girl being set free from the clutches of some unwanted male?

other songs that can are like this could be "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri, "Part of Me" by Katy Perry.  even "Mean" by Taylor Swift, despite its being of a different level of moving on.

another song, get ready k-poppers, would definitely be "Because of You" by After School. :D
this time, the girl won't be able to move on.  instead, she starts contemplating as to how everything happened and why things went wrong, all that junk.

related to this song could be "I'll Back so You can live" by G.Na.  and also, "Heaven" by Ailee.

this next song talks about the seven days in a week.  i can't believe i'm saying this, Rebecca Black's "Friday". 3:
ugh, what can you do?  the whole song just screams musical for me.  especially since the song itself is its own script, who can contradict with that fact? =))

this last one is entitled "Power" by B.A.P
okay, just one note, these men are HOT. =))  okay, enough fangirling.  the song actually talks (or sings?) about the society as to how it is compromised.  basically, those of higher positions end up stepping on the weaker individuals.  this song talks of how the lower classes should stand up for their rights, in other words, EMPOWERMENT.  who wouldn't want that. >:D

another song similar to this one would have to be "Face" by NU'Est, or "Can't Nobody" by 2NE1.

that will be all.  just a little sidenote, i'm currently watching episode 2 of Arcana Famiglia. =))  i doubt that anyone would care though. :p

c'est la vie...

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