REVIEW: Arcana Famiglia, Natsuyuki Rendezvous, Episode 1


to begin with, there's Arcana Famiglia.

the episodes alone has made me think of other animes that seem to resemble them. :p

Fushigi Yuugi (Curious Play) also has that plot with the different symbols being able to supply a person with supernatural abilities.  but unlike this one, Arcana Famiglia seems to be on a whole different scale. first of all, there are more than seven people who have powers, or "deals", with their respective "cards".  second, they all seem to be guys. @@

another anime that i couldn't help but recall were all the other ones wherein there had to be a somewhat fool of a boy and another one who seems to have gained to much pride with himself.  too many of them to mention, i guess.  the usual plot. @@

what i really do love about this anime is how it seems to stress women empowerment.  and who else could have displayed this but the only female character (for now, i think), Felicita. :D  i love her feistiness and how she seems to be so cool with disobeying. :3  i'm a sucker for these things.  also the guys, they be yummy. X9

now for Natsuyuki Rendezvous.

the illustrations somewhat really remind me of Honey and Clover.
 :3  even the plot itself. :D  the whole unrequited love thing may be cliche, but hell, should i even care? =))  the way the anime also looks also reminds me of the anime.  it's very vivid and calm looking.  and just as how Honey and Clover had that thing for art, this one has flowers.  see the resemblance? :)

now back to the anime itself.  so far so good, that's what i have to say.  i love how the ghost seems to be level-headed and humorous with his actions.  Hazuki is pretty irritable for me though.  he's lazy and looks like he doesn't want to do anything in his life. > <  but i guess falling in love with a girl whom has a haircut like a guy's makes him decent enough. =))  not may guys don't seem to fall for the style, and i'm glad that the personality is present in the anime.

Rokku?  i love her. XD  she's my new girl crush, i guess. :P  the illustrators did a good job at depicting her pure and girl-next-door image. :3  

i guess that will be all.  tomorrow will be a sunday, so i'm guessing i'm going into maximum overdrive since i have a bunch of homework to finish. @@  

wish me luck! :)  'til then, God Bless everyone. ;>

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